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  • Taiwan Glue Stick

  • UHU All Purpose Adhesive

     27.50 300.00

    UHU The All Pupose adhesive
    Made in Germany
    Fast, Permanent, Transparent and Adjustable Glue
    Perfect glue for Everyday Jobs
    Works On Virtually Every Type of Material

    UHU ALL Purpose Adhesive 35ml it’s crystal clear, clean and easy to use on virtually every type of material: wood, cardboard, paper, fabric and textiles, pottery, glass, china, marble, metal, felt, cork, straw. Instructions: Apply a thin layer to one surface, join surfaces together. To stick non-absorbent surfaces apply a thin layer to each surface (dry and free from grease), leave for a while, apply another thin layer and press together.

     27.50 300.00
  • UHU Patafix gluepads Tac Adhesive


    UHU patafix is a repositionable, reusable adhesive for quick and clean bonding, to attach small objects to virtually any surface such as walls, furniture, windows, etc. UHU patafix provides thousands of uses all around the home, school and office. Dermatologically tested. Materials – For both removable and permanent adhering of small objects on wood, cement, glass, metal, plastic and porcelain. Use and Handling Instructions – Surfaces must be clean and dry. Pull to remove a pad or more and knead until it is soft and warm. Place the UHU patafix on the item to affix and press firmly into place. To remove, gently peel the pad away and roll off any excess by dabbing with UHU patafix. Not suitable for porous materials.

  • UHU stick glue stick

     70.00 275.00

    UHU Glue Stick is designed for office, school and home use. This glue stick is easy to use and stylish. This stick is used to join paper stuff. UHU is working over it’s products over a long time and is providing the best product.

    It’s body is made up of plastic and is light in weight. It is provided with a back twister which helps to open the stick. The stylish shape helps the user to use it.
    It is small and slim.

    It is Non-Toxic, Safe, Clean and Washable. Solvent free and Art No.70

     70.00 275.00