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3M Ultra Neutral S-35 (125 Micron/5 Mil)

3M Ultra Neutral S-35 (125 Micron/5 Mil)

Product Features:

  • Combination safety / solar control micro layered film exhibiting tear resistance and heat rejection properties.
  • For application to interior glass surfaces; increases daytime privacy, reduces glare and eye discomfort.
  • Solar control properties enable a reduction in air conditioning costs and increased comfort during warm periods.
  • Provides shatter resistance to protect from broken glass hazards caused by seismic activity, spontaneous glass breakage, and other impact events.
  • Broad range of application use, including bomb blast mitigation, windstorm protection, and safety glazing Can be combined with 3M Impact.
  • Protection Attachment systems for additional safety and security.
  • Protective hard coat provides scratch resistance and durability.
  • Protects from the harmful effects of U V light and reduces fading of interior furnishings

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3M Ultra Neutral S-35 (125 Micron/5 Mil)

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