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Brown Auto Grade Heat Resistance 130 Masking Tape

Brown Auto Grade Heat Resistance 130 Masking Tape

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Brown Auto Grade Heat Resistance 130 Masking Tape also known as sticky tape, is a type of pressure-sensitive tape made of thin and easy-to-tear paper, and an easily released pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is available in a variety of widths. It is used mainly in painting, to mask off areas that should not be painted. The adhesive is the key element to its usefulness, as it allows the tape to be easily removed without leaving residue or damaging the surface to which it is applied. The tape is available in several strengths, rated on a 1–100 scale based on the strength of the adhesive.


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Brown Auto Grade Heat Resistance 130 Masking Tape is produced through the Kraft process of obtaining pulp out of wood. It provides high elasticity, very high tear resistance and it is used for packaging, where it is appreciated for its strength and reliability. The Kraft paper tape is generally stronger and more resistant than other types of paper tapes, because the kraft process uses special sulfite additives. The sulfite degrades the cellulose more than other chemical components, reducing the percentage of lignin in the wood. Low lignin in the pulp means the paper will be more resistant than other papers, creating a sturdier type of paper. The Kraft paper is considered to be almost pure cellulose, resulting in lower prices and better strength. Usually, this type of paper has a brown tint, with yellow hues, but it can be bleached to pure white. Kraft paper tape is available in numerous colors, but most products have the natural color. White tape is commonly used in applications where whiteness coupled with resistance to yellowing is important, such as laboratory use. Generally, this type of adhesive tape is used for packaging boxes, envelopes and various objects. The mail system is an important consumer of Kraft paper tape because of its relatively low cost, ease of use, and durability. Large envelopes are usually sealed using different types of Kraft tapes, as well as fragile parcels. Reinforced tapes are also available, adding a better protection against pilfering and damage during long hauls and transport. Special water activated Kraft tape is also available on the market that is used in special industrial applications, mainly for machine protection. Special pattern tapes are available for customized packaging, such as presents and special occasions. These tapes can bring a touch of personalization and its warm color will surely benefit each present.

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LORD kraft Masking Tape


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1 inch, 1/2 inch, 2 inch


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