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LORD Fixing Bond

LORD Fixing Bond


Product Description:

  • LORD Fixing Bond is our most popular Fixing Bond Adhesive.
  • They are designed to bond to hair stubble, not skin.
  • They dry much more rigid than soft bond adhesives, but still have enough flexibility to give you long hold times.
  • They are waterproof which makes them great for anyone who has oily skin, or lives in a humid climate, or you can enjoy the swimming activity as well.
  • Hold Time: 3-4 Weeks.
  • Licensed by USA.
  • Size: 2 Oz

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• Do not use directly on your skin.
• Always use it with LORD Wig Tape because they are heat resistant.
• Once you open, it will expire soon. (Expiry depends on the weather condition)
• Once open, keep in refrigerator.
• NO Warranty for this product.
• You can return any product through DARAZ return policy, if applicable.

If you don’t have much knowledge about the product please ask questions before purchasing, it will be pleasure to satisfy your pre-purchase decision. We belief in customer satisfaction.

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