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Taiwan Glue Gun

Taiwan Glue Gun


First, the performance characteristics
This product uses high-tech ceramic PTC thermistor as a heating element, heating up fast, PTC thermistor automatic thermostat, the temperature rose to design temperature glue gun is not on the rise, to prevent damage due to heat generation caused by overheating of the glue gun , save energy, to extend the service life.
Heat insulation breakdown strength of the product is not in power-3750V / min, normal use AC or DC power supply between 100V to 240V, the voltage fluctuations without restrictions.
Shell is made of reinforced nylon, safer to use.

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Product applications
Toy model
Artificial flowers, Christmas tree
Ornaments, metal products
Wood products, such as cardboard.
Electronic circuit boards
Third, the use
This series of products suitable diameter
The strip is inserted from the glue gun tail, sent to the barrel, after a few warm-up plug in the power, that is able to pull the trigger melt extrusion, and can control the volume of the plastic.
During use, if one could ever use a tape, do not remove the tape, can be used directly plugged preheat 2-3 minutes after the next time.
IV Notes
Voltage 110-240V, frequency 50-60Hz.
This product is a high-temperature glue gun should be used in accordance with the corresponding specifications of the strip product line, if the user does not match the size or type of tape, may result in damage to reflux melt glue gun.
Hot melt glue gun nozzle and work melt adhesive high temperature, do not touch the body; prohibit the use of flammable or explosive occasions.
When the glue gun work, you cannot lift your glue gun, muzzle not up: If you play for 15 minutes without glue, turn off the power, so as not to cause melting down plastic strips back damaged glue gun.
Since the inner glue gun fitted with durable materials, smoke phenomenon may occur when first used, glue gun after 30 minutes, smoke disappear automatically.
It should be kept clean breech block, in order to ensure smooth tape can be fed into the barrel.
The glue gun ban in the tape pulled out from the glue gun tail.
Glue gun should be placed in a dry place, ban on wet or where there is water, ban on child or children to get square.
Note: Please do not replace the power cord, if you need to replace the power cord, must comply with the relevant personnel to repair electrical appliances product can be replaced.

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Glue Gun Taiwan

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