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Den Braven 6-in-1 Multi-Oil 400ml (Made in Germany)

Den Braven 6-in-1 Multi-Oil 400ml (Made in Germany)


Product Features

It is widely used in auto repair, locksmith work, metalworking, assembly and dismantling of metal structures, in the household. It is used for the following purposes:

  • Lubrication of hinges, chains, coils, springs, door and window fittings, water shut-off valves, swivel chairs, door locks.
  • Cleaning and displacement of moisture from electrical contacts, ignition circuits, power tools.
  • Disconnection of rusted threaded connections, rust removal.
  • Does not contain silicone.
  • Does not damage plastic and rubber parts, including seals in electrical connectors.

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Multi-Oil 6 in 1 is a thin fluid oil spray for lubrication and maintenance of metal parts. Suitable for automotive and engineering, locksmiths, crafting and households. Multi-Oil 6 in 1 is silicone-free.



Penetrates threads, lubricates hinges, coils, springs, water-taps, windows and door-handles, swivel chairs, etc.
Suppresses humidity on metal surfaces, e. g. electrical contacts, car ignitions, tools, motor-bikes and outboard engines.
Solves paint stick stains, grease, tar, rubber and adhesive residues. Loosens rusty parts.

Penetrates deeply and loosens rusty, fretted and stuck nut bolts, screws, switches, wires and other locks.
Leaves a protective film against rust, corrosion of bicycles, pushchairs, chrome parts, motor-bikes, outboard engines and tools.
Loosens stuck mechanical fixtures, loosens and greases door locks, hinges, zippers, sewing machines, switches, couplings and wires.


Directions Of Use: Shake can well before use. Clean surfaces from coarse dirt. Apply accurately and sparingly.


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