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Polyken Pipe Line Liquid Adhesive 1027

Polyken Pipe Line Liquid Adhesive 1027

Product Features:

  • Worldwide reference lists.
  • Impermeable to oxygen and moisture.
  • Resistant to soil stress.
  • Uniform coating thickness.
  • Low cathodic protection-current requirements.
  • Compatible with all pipe diameters and generic plant coating systems.

Product Benefits:

  • Proven long-term in-ground performance.
  • Superior in-ground performance.
  • Plant coating quality with in-situ application.
  • Saving cost over the life of the pipeline.
  • Minimizes inventory, thus saving money

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Polyken® 1027 Liquid Adhesives can be used as primers for this system. In addition to serving as primers, this liquid adhesives themselves represent an anticorrosion layer and provide a uniformly smooth contact surface to promote high adhesion of the coating system to the pipe. They are designed for machine or brush application and formulated with stress-corrosion cracking inhibitors. The adhesives in these and all Polyken® tape systems contain proven anti-microbial additives.

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