Stretch Roll

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Quality assurance: high-quality raw materials, advanced equipment, and strict quality control system, the state level inspection center and full inspection.
Technical support: The film can be designed according to customer needs in different formulations and process with excellent performance of barrier resistance to vapor and oxygen . Perfect packaging solution can provide for you on time.
Supply ability: many advanced PVDC film blowing equipment with more than 20,000 tons PVDC film per year, be able to meet customer demand stably.
Service: national R&D Center, State-level quality inspection centers, professional after-sales service team, be able to offer perfect service.



PVDC base film includes monolayer PVDC film, multilayer PVDC co-extrusion base film, and it can be laminated with BOPP, PET, CPP, PA material.

We draw your attention as follows for the first use:
1. Storage: the environment for PVDC base film storage requires ventilation, dry, no direct sunlight, do not store together with the poisonous and harmful substances.
2. Process: the physico-chemical indicators and applications of different formulations film will be different. Selecting PVDC film to test for evaluation for first usage, and then finalizing formulations.
3. Production: in order to make sure the lamination strength, it is recommended for corona treatment firstly before using PVDC base film.

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Stretch Roll

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